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Just when I think things are finally going to slow down and give us time to think, we’re making progress as quickly as ever.  Door frames and doors were installed in the blink of an eye last week, just before truckload after truckload of cabinets came rolling in.  Wall and base cabinets have been going in over the course of the last few days, and with these fixtures, the hospital has once again begun to look larger.  This is quite a relief, because we need places to store all the stuff needed to keep our practice going!

priority pet hospital, veterinarian, gilbert, arizona
A view of the reception desk and adjacent refreshment area (at right).
priority pet hospital, veterinarian, gilbert, arizona
This view of the treatment area is taken from the same perspective as the second photo in last week’s post. Wet tables for dental procedures will rest upon the pedestals next to the cabinets.
priority pet hospital, veterinarian, gilbert, arizona
One of our three examination rooms will be for the exclusive use of our feline guests to help minimize stress on shy cats.

Much to my relief, Dr. Burns is happy with the finishes that I chose with the help of our architect.   While she’s very detail-oriented, paint chips are color samples really aren’t the details Dr. B is oriented towards.  Even though she gave her blessing to the colors chosen before the final decision, I was still a bit worried that one or both of us would be unhappy once they were installed (and we’ll be living with them for 15 or 20 years!).  After all, everyone has friends who have painted the interior of their home only to have the painters back almost as soon as it dries because things don’t look the way they anticipated.  But, even supervisor Clint—who admits he wasn’t sure about the cabinet finish in the back of the hospital—says it’s grown on him and he likes it.  We hope you’ll like it, too.  Here are a few of our most-recent pictures.  I’ve made an attempt to duplicate the same photos from previous posts, so you have a frame of reference.

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  1. SonomasMommy says:

    From what I can see from the pictures it looks awesome!!

    We can’t wait to see it in person 🙂

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