The Search Begins

Veterinary healthcare team members are special people, and Dr. Burns and I have been fortunate to work with many fantastic technicians, assistants, and receptionists over the last decade.  And, although you typically speak of taking your pet to see the veterinarian, it is really these other folks who truly make a practice tick, smile, and hum, but they rarely receive the credit they deserve.  You see, they are the face and voice of our practice offering a smile to a visitor or comforting words to a worried pet owner on the telephone.  They are the gentle hands holding your pet during the mild unpleasantries that must be endured to to maintain good health.  They are the watchful eyes and ears administering and monitoring anesthesia while your veterinarian performs surgery.  They are the skilled hands performing the tasks of nurses, pedicurists, dental hygeinists, X-ray technicians, anesthetists, midwives, laboratory technicians, pet store employees, and many others—often during a single day.  They are the concerned souls calling to check on an ill patient.  They are the playful friends teaching a new puppy to sit before he gets a treat.  And they are the tearful eyes and warm hearts sharing your grief upon the death of a beloved pet.

Based upon this description, it’s pretty easy to see that choosing our team is no small matter!  Just as a quarterback can’t succeed without a strong offensive line, even the best veterinarian can’t reach her potential with a weak team.  With this in mind, Dr. Burns and I have begun the search for the kind of folks who will help make us better veterinarians.  We’ve submitted posts to and Craig’s List, as well as written advertisements in the Arizona Veterinary Medical Association’s newsletter, and we’re getting ready to choose the “A” team—the perfect combination of attitude, enthusiasm, and skills.  It’s both frightening and exciting at the same time, but we’re confident that we will be able to put together a strong foundation to build upon as the practice grows.  To us, the prospect of becoming a brand new company’s first employees is very exciting; it offers a fantastic opportunity to contribute and help create something special, as well as a chance for advancement and increased responsibility as the business grows.  We hope that these unique opportunities will attract people with unique skills and a strong desire to contribute to our practice in meaningful ways, and we look forward to introducing them to you here as the team comes together!

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  1. SonomasMommy says:

    I was just thinking about this and wondering if you would be having anyone work with you that has in the past. When Dr. B left that one practice I know one of the techs was very clear about how much she enjoyed working with her. I loved this tech too! (Even though her name currently escapes me) We also really liked Camille. I hope you can find some of these wonderful people, and if not I wish you all the best in finding people in their league!

    Sonoma’s Mommy

    • Dr. G says:

      This question gets asked all the time! As much as we might like to have our favorite staff members join us, as professionals, we’ve always felt it is inappropriate to solicit staff members away from a practice we are leaving. In some cases, veterinarians and other professionals even have contractual prohibitions against this behavior. While it’s human nature to want to always be surrounded by friends, both Dr. Burns and I have found that no matter where we go in our profession, we find good people that we can bond with over pets.

      You can rest assured that this will be the case at PPH, as well. Our ads have only been posted for a day now, and we’ve received nearly 60 applications already! We will have no shortage of applicants to choose from, and we will have the luxury of being very picky, for our sake and those of our patients and clients, as well. That’s not to say, of course, that we wouldn’t entertain applications from past teammates (those who aren’t working at the practices we have just left, anyway), but we have decided not to place any particular weight on our past relationships. We also feel like this will help prevent any of us from entering the new practice with expectations based on previous experiences with each other, which is great, because PPH will be different from any practice we’ve ever worked, and those preconceptions could even get in the way.

      With all this said, the old adage that “birds of a feather flock together” really seems to hold true in our profession, and we’ve actually been re-united with some of our favorite past teammates at new practices (without any encouragement from us) as we have moved through our individual careers. So who knows what our future will bring!

  2. Jamie says:

    I am soooo excited for you two! What a feat to finally be only a couple weeks away from opening! I really enjoy working with both of you! You’re both funny, energetic, compasionate, and yes dare I say down right silly at times. But, hey anything to have the day go by more smoothly and be more enjoyable. I will definitly make it to one of your open houses. I’m sure I will break my mold and be blessed to work with you again. Take care, and see you soon! Jamie

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