Pet Parents, Sunday’s your day

This Sunday will mark the second annual National Pet Parents Day, a spring holiday that “recognizes and honors those who lovingly consider their pets part of their close-knit family,” according to sponsors. While you won’t find a row of greeting cards at your local Target for this day yet, you can use Pet Parents Day’s website to send e-cards to your favorite pet parents.Dr. Burns and I have a longstanding habit of exchanging mothers’ and fathers’ day cards–despite the fact that we don’t have any “pink kids” ourselves–so this is really nothing new to us. And while we’re a bit disappointed to see yet another commercialized “holiday,” we do believe in the spirit of a day like this. But at Priority Pet Hospital, every day is Pet Parents Day. From the family portraits in our lobby, to the liberal doses of affection we heap on our patients, everyone on our team is a pet parent and we enjoy celebrating that fact with our clients and their “kids” as well.Now, if we could only teach our children to make us a nice breakfast in bed on Sunday…

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  1. Sonoma's Mommy says:

    Woohoo! I didn’t know we had an official holiday. Gary and I always buy eachother cards too because we’ve always considered us Mommy and Daddy since we adopted Sonoma. In fact, I’m almost a little offended now when people ask me how I like being a Mommy- as if I wasn’t one until I had a human baby. Whatev.

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