Our Story

Future doctors Griswold and Burns at a national pre-veterinary symposium, spring 1993We’ve been serving Gilbert, Chandler and surrounding areas since 2008, but Priority Pet Hospital’s story really begins in Gainesville, Florida in 1992. It was spring break when Karin Burns and Billy Griswold, along with 14 other undergrads from the University of Florida squeezed into a rented 15-passenger van (you do the math) bound for a national pre-veterinary symposium.

We were strangers at the start, but you can learn a lot about someone during a 32-hour round trip. That long weekend began a friendship that evolved into a marriage–not just of two kids, but of  shared values and interests, complementary skills and common goals as well.

Sixteen years, two thousand miles and eight veterinary jobs later, Priority Pet Hospital was born, the product of our combined experience and the shared desire to grow a practice focusing on the things we love the most about our jobs: building relationships with our patients and their people and providing modern care with old-fashioned caring.

Drs. Karin Burns and Billy Griswold Gilbert Arizona VeterinariansAs the practice grew, we began to realize our team had created something special. Fearful pets, some labeled as aggressive, really responded to our low-key, positive approach. Appointments frequently ended with surprised pet owners telling us their pet had never let their previous vet do this or that during a physical–some had never tolerated a comprehensive exam before.

While we can’t make that connection in every case, we sure try. Taking the fear and anxiety out of veterinary visits is what we do best. It’s a win:win:win, really–relaxed pets mean relaxed pet owners, and what vet wouldn’t want that?