Pet Wellness: Why it matters

Deutsch Drahthaar puppy | German wirehair pointer

Why should you care about pet wellness? Last week we talked about what pet wellness–or, more appropriately, preventive care–is: using your veterinarian to screen for serious illness and provide education on how to help your pet live a healthier lifestyle. But why should you care? We all know vets can’t prevent every problem. But even […]

Wordless Wednesday: Nap Time

Wordless Wednesday: Sweet as Kandy

(C) George Luker

Wordless Wednesday: Central Park’s Cat Hill, New York

Terry the Panther


Wordless Wednesday: Buddies

Archie and Delta

What are “core vaccines?”

Q: What’s the difference between “core” and “non-core” vaccines? Why should I care? A: Core vaccines are those that are recommended for all dogs or cats. They protect against diseases that infect dogs or cats of all life stages and lifestyles. These diseases usually (1) have high rates of infection, (2) pose a threat to […]

Help! My cat is pooping outside the litterbox!

Q: My cat has started pooping right next to his litterbox. We recently had to change the type of litter because I’m pregnant and can’t be exposed to regular cat litter. Should we switch back, try a new one, or will he get used to it? A: Inappropriate elimination–defecating or urinating in unwanted places–may be […]

8 Reasons it’s Better to be a Pet Now than 25 Years Ago

Dogs have it pretty good these days, as Karen B. London, PhD recently pointed out in THE BARK. In 8 Reasons it’s Better to be a Dog Now than 25 Years Ago, London points out some of the ways dogs have it better now than they did in the 80’s. Written from her perspective as […]

Packing a Pet First Aid Kit

Pets add something special to travel and outdoor recreation. From time to time, however, they get sick away from home, leaving pet lovers to ask “what do I do now?” Fortunately, travel-related stomach upset and small scrapes and scratches are easily treated no matter where you are, but what happens if your pet becomes seriously […]

Iowa cat diagnosed with H1N1

The Iowa Department of Public Health reported that Iowa health officials have confirmed that a pet cat has been diagnosed with H1N1 influenza virus. The cat has made a full recovery, and its illness is suspected to have arisen from a person in the household who was sick with H1N1. There is no indication that […]