10 Reasons to supervise your cats outdoors

Most cats undeniably enjoy spending time outdoors. The opportunity to roll in the dirt, snack on grass, or chase bugs and lizards is actually a very valuable way to help reduce the stress of indoor life for many cats. But in most places, a strictly-outdoor existence is fraught with dangers for pets that routinely leave […]

Nutro Recalls Dry Cat Food

VIN News reported yesterday that pet food manufacturer Nutro has recalled ten varieties of the company’s dry cat foods,seven of which are sold in the US, after incorrect amounts of zinc and potassium were detected in the foods. As a result of this voluntary recall, Nutro has advised pet owners who have purchased affected products to […]

Dolittler: Kitty comforts: How cat-friendly is YOUR veterinary hospital?

Dolittler: Kitty comforts: How cat-friendly is YOUR veterinary hospital? Dr. Patty had a great post about what vets can do to make a practice cat-friendly yesterday. I’m proud to say that we meet 9 of her personal top 10 “cat friendly criteria” by providing a waiting room with a small isolated corner that can house nervous […]

CATalyst Council Honors Phoenix

The CATalyst Council, a coalition of the veterinary community, academia, nonprofits, industry and animal welfare organizations, named Phoenix one of the top 10 cat-friendly cities in America. Other honorees include: Tampa, San Francisco, Portland (Oregon), Denver, Boston, Seattle, San Diego, Atlanta and Minneapolis. The list was compiled after reviewing the top 25 standard metropolitan areas for such […]

Wild Cat Offers Lessons on Taming Anesthesia Risks

“Macho B,” who a week ago became first Arizona jaguar to be captured and fitted with a tracking collar, was euthanized on March 2nd as a result of illness according to an Arizona Game and Fish media release. Biologists tracking the big cat became concerned about his health when the jaguar’s activity level decreased. He was […]

Salmonella from Peanut Products found in Pets

The CDC recently announced that an Oregon dog has been diagnosed with Salmonellosis after ingesting recalled peanut butter-containing pet treats; public health officials in at least three other states report dogs with illnesses consistent with Salmonellosis after eating recalled peanut butter products. A zoonotic disease, Salmonella can be transmitted from infected pets to their families. […]

Abandoned Cats Raise Concern at Riparian Preserve

Pets–at least former pets–made the front page of the Arizona Republic this morning. The Gilbert Riparian Preserve, a 110 acre haven for resident and migratory birds near Guadelupe and Greenfield Roads, has long been a refuge for abandoned and unwanted domestic cats. While at one time small, the population of cats in the preserve has […]

Before “Marley” made the big screen, “Dewey” captured pet lovers’ hearts

Dr. Burns and I spent a lazy morning hanging around the house and listening to NPR’s morning programming on New Year’s Day. The radio had faded into the background by the time we finished breakfast, but a fun segment on the Diane Rehm Show turned our attention to a small town library and its feline […]

Evian anyone? Cats snub filtered water in favor of the tap.

Some time ago, we noticed that when we filled our recirculatling kitty water fountain with filtered water the cats would seek out the dog’s water dish full of tap water.  When we switched over to tap water in their fountain, they stopped drinking from the dog’s bowl.  A recent study proved exactly what we had […]

The Truth about Cats | USA WEEKEND Magazine

The truth about CATS, published today in USA WEEKEND Magazine, describes what author Steve Dale calls a “dirty little secret:”  the fact that there are nearly 10 million more pet cats than pet dogs in the US, but they often get the short shrift—in the form of poor public perception, less frequent veterinary care, and fewer research dollars […]