Now Hiring: Experienced FT Veterinary Technician/Assistant

The best veterinarian in Gilbert, Arizona, is now hiring.

PPH is hiring! We’re looking for an extroverted patient advocate with great client service skills for the position of veterinary assistant/technician. Full job listing can be found on Craigslist; application deadline is next Friday, January 11, 2013.


Dr. Burns and I became and aunt and an uncle for the first time last month when Dr. B’s sister Molly and her husband Brian welcomed Sienna Mai into their hearts and home.  While we’ve had to settle for photos of our new neice so far, Dr. Burns has a trip to Florida coming up […]


Well, construction is nearly complete, and I keep trying to take some nice new photos for everyone, but every time I drop by the hospital, there are new boxes all over the place and I put photography off.  It may be another several days before I snap the shutter again, since we’re installing something new […]

The Search Begins

Veterinary healthcare team members are special people, and Dr. Burns and I have been fortunate to work with many fantastic technicians, assistants, and receptionists over the last decade.  And, although you typically speak of taking your pet to see the veterinarian, it is really these other folks who truly make a practice tick, smile, and […]

Meet the family

Ever wonder if your veterinarian is as crazy about their pets as you are about yours?Well, you can rest assured that this is the case at Priority Pet Hospital.  In fact, we do many of the same crazy things you do for your pets for our own “kids.”  One of Dr. Burns’ longtime clients was worried we’d think […]