Pets First Plans

We know budgeting for your pets’ annual preventive care is challenging. Semi-annual examinations, parasite screening and prevention, vaccinations, periodic lab testing… it all adds up.

In the past, pet wellness plans have only been available through big-box stores and impersonal corporate veterinary providers. Now you don’t need to choose between your budget and comprehensive, personalized care provided by the veterinarian that you know and trust.

Priority Pet Hospital’s Petpet wellness plans make it easier to budget preventive care costss First Plans help you budget by dividing the annual cost of preventive care into small monthly payments using your credit or debit card. We have plans for every life stage and budget.
Pets First Plans for puppies and kittens don’t end at 16 to 20 weeks of age and leave you unprotected for the next several months like the puppy and kitten plans you’ll find at many veterinary hospitals. Ours cover a full year of important preventive care; you can even include the cost of spaying or neutering your new pet in the plan if you’d like!

Plans for adult dogs and cats include semi-annual preventive care examinations, annual intestinal parasite screening, annual heartworm tests for dogs and feline leukemia tests for cats, lifestyle-appropriate vaccinations, and semi-annual deworming. Annual lab testing is included as well, and we’ll help you choose a plan that will meet your pet’s individual needs.

Pets covered by a Pets First Plan also qualify for other perks; for specifics, please ask.