Pet Wellness: Why it matters

Deutsch Drahthaar puppy | German wirehair pointer

Why should you care about pet wellness? Last week we talked about what pet wellness–or, more appropriately, preventive care–is: using your veterinarian to screen for serious illness and provide education on how to help your pet live a healthier lifestyle. But why should you care? We all know vets can’t prevent every problem. But even […]

Dog Training Myths Guaranteed to Help Make Your Dog More Fearful

Comet Good Sit

We all start dog training with the best of intentions. Nobody wants to make their dog fearful in the process. However, many dog owners, trainers, and even veterinarians still subscribe to common myths about dog training that can contribute to fearful behaviors. Here are three of those myths, the reality behind them, and some suggestions […]

5 Great Positive Gun Dog Training Resources

We meet dogs that serve many roles in their families: service dogs, lap dogs, running partners, you name it. We also meet hunting dogs. And before you start imagining dusty hounds living in a little dirt-floored kennel in the back yard, let me re-state that: we also meet hunting buddies. Loveable, happy, spoiled-rotten retrievers, flushing, […]

5 Great Training and Behavior Resources You’ve Probably Never Heard Of

Behavioral wellness is critical for all pets, dogs in particular. Fractures of the human-animal bond resulting from unwanted and inappropriate behaviors are one of the most deadly injuries we treat. Like most diseases, these behavioral problems can often be prevented; teaching clients to foster good behavioral health is among the most important services a veterinary […]

Come on, people, take some INITIATIVE!

OK folks, it’s time for a feline wake-up call.  Not like the mewing, purring, and cold nose in the ear that Drs. B and G get every morning ten minutes before the alarm goes off, but a mental wake-up call.  I’m tired of the human-canine-centric tone this blog has taken on, and I’m spending a […]