Meet the Team

Ask any member of our team and they’ll tell you we’re choosy. We’ve worked hard to build a team that shares our philosophy, likes to work hard and enjoys having fun in the process. Providing great client service and low stress veterinary care takes special people. Here’s a little bit about the special folks on the Priority Pet Hospital team–in their own words.

Client Care

Client care is everybody’s job at PPH, but our client service team really shines in this area. They’re the friendly voices and smiling faces most visitors encounter first.

Taylor, Client Service Specialist

Biography coming soon!

Patient Care

Low-stress patient care is the other half of the Priority Pet Hospital experience. Here’s the team that makes it happen in the exam room, the treatment area, and on the surgical and dental tables.

Alexis, Veterinary Assistant

Alexis snuggles with her kitten ChunkHello, My name is Alexis. I am a Veterinary Assistant here at Priority Pet Hospital. I knew I had a passion for the veterinary field at a young age, bringing home strays and volunteering at shelters. I attended Central Arizona Valley Institute of Technology for veterinary assisting while I was in high school, having normal classes for half of the day and then training as an assistant for the other half. I’ve continued my training at Priority Pet Hospital after graduation, and couldn’t feel more at home with my teammates!

I have three fur babies of my own. I have a German Shepherd named Lina who is still spunky and a pup at heart at the age of 10. I also have two cats, Jani and Chunk whom warm my heart each and everyday.

In my spare time I like to be outdoors. I enjoy Camping, shooting, riding, and off-roading as well as spending time with friends and family.

Hannah, Veterinary Assistant

Biography coming soon!

Laurie, Veterinary Assistant

Laurie with her English bulldog NatalieHello, I’m Laurie. I joined the Priority Pet Hospital team in the fall of 2011 after relocating to Arizona from Florida. Before my move, I volunteered at an animal care center, pet rescue group, and worked at a mobile pet vaccine clinic, so I was eager to work with pets again here in Arizona.

I love working with all types of pets and taking care of my own pet family of three cats and an English Bull Dog. In my spare time I enjoy traveling, golf, crafts and reading.

Lucie, Veterinary Assistant

Biography coming soon!

Meagan, Veterinary Assistant

Biography coming soon!

Miranda, Veterinary Assistant

Biography coming soon!

Tiffany, Veterinary Assistant

Tiffany enjoys hiking with her hound CharlotteHello everyone! I’m Tiffany. I joined Priority Pet Hospital in the fall of 2013 after relocating to Arizona from Florida. While living in Florida I worked at a veterinary clinic for 2 1⁄2 years; I also volunteered for an animal rescue group for several years. I made my move to Arizona with my two dogs (Charlotte and Lucy), two cats (Tweetie and Kit-Kit), and a cockatiel named Buddy the bird. I adopted a cute Chihuahua several months ago, he came with his name of Buddy, now making my fur-family complete. I felt my natural place would be working in a Veterinary Clinic. Lucky for me I found Priority Pet Hospital. Working at PPH has taught me many new low-stress handling techniques that make pets’ visits and my job much more fulfilling.
In my spare time, I have a wonderful time exploring Arizona. I enjoy hiking the many beautiful trails with my dogs, kayaking, and camping. I also enjoy going to the theater and museum with friends and family.


Karin Burns, DVM

Karin Burns DVM has been voted Best Veterinarian in Gilbert AZHi, my name is Dr. Karin Burns.  I’ve enjoyed working as a veterinarian since I graduated from the University of Florida in 1998. I’ve spent all but one of those years practicing here in Arizona. I’m the primary veterinarian at Priority Pet Hospital; chances are we’ll have a chance to meet when you come in.  I own the practice with my husband, Dr. Griswold, who helps keep things running smoothly and occasionally sees patients as well.

All my childhood pets were cats, so at a basic level I consider myself a “cat person.” I’m a member of the American Association of Feline Practitioners, which helps me keep up-to-date, and I appreciate the unique medical and behavioral needs of cats. As much as I love kitties, it’s hard to beat the excited kisses of an enthusiastic dog, so I’m really a “pet person.”

I’m a dedicated pet parent myself, and our three cats and two dogs keep me busy. We have 2 German pointers. Archie, is middle aged , but still acts like a puppy. He is a very tolerant big brother to our newest addition, Edgar.  Edgar has a fuzzy face that most people find irresistible; he uses this to his advantage and it’s hard to stay mad at his antics for long.  Our cats are nicknamed based on their unique personalities: Cassidy has three legs but has earned the nickname “Squirrel,” because of her ability to scale the cat tree at lightning speeds. Penny, the middle cat, was trapped as a feral when about 8 weeks old and—to our surprise—turned to to be fearless and tamed quickly.  Her nickname is “the Urchin,” because she will try to steal and eat almost anything. Ella was born to a local stray cat and was found by a PPH client as a kitten; she didn’t have to look far for a forever home for the little calico with a crooked tail. She has yet to get a permanent nickname, but Dr. G enjoys calling her “Ella-FON-tay,” or “Ella-GAN-tay” in his best “Dora the Explorer” voice.

Away from work, I love spending time outdoors with my husband and our dogs. We enjoy traveling the state and learning about–and exploring–Arizona’s natural history and geology.  I’m an amateur rockhound and love the mineral diversity that Arizona offers. At home, I relax by gardening.  I really enjoy watching things grow and observing the hummingbirds, praying mantids, and other neat critters the garden attracts.

William “Billy” Griswold, DVM

Billy Griswold is a veterinarian in Gilbert AZHi, I’m Dr. Griswold. In addition to being Dr. Burns’ husband, I wear several hats at PPH: office manager, webmaster and social media guru, fix-it guy, photographer, errand boy, you name it. Sometimes, I even get to be a doctor! You’ll know that’s what I’m up to when you see me in a necktie. Call me old-fashioned, but I rarely see patients without one, and a love showing off my collection of understated animal-themed ties.

After spending more than a decade as a veterinary emergency room doctor and manager, I joined the PPH team full-time in September of 2015. Though I enjoyed the fast pace and challenge of emergency medicine, there’s a lot to be said for the deep and lasting bonds we form with our patients and clients in primary care. I still get to dust off my ER skills from time to time here, as well.

Dr. Burns and I share our home with three cats, two dogs and a small collection of geriatric reptiles (most of them are more than 20 years old!). Away from work, I’m an avid cook and foodie, a photographer of reptiles and amphibians, a collector of Sansevieria and other neat succulent plants, and an outdoor enthusiast who enjoys hiking, camping, and bird hunting with Archie and Edgar, our two Deutsch Drahthaars.