Fear Free Certified Veterinary Care in Gilbert

Your pet’s wellness is more than their physical condition. Their mental and emotional well-being affect their overall health, too. Unfortunately, vet visits tend to focus more on the physical than the emotional, and our pets are often frightened and stressed throughout the exam. At Priority Pet Hospital, we’re determined to change that for all Gilbert area pets. Our Fear Free Certified staff use low-stress handling methods that help put every pet at ease.

a veterinarian on the ground examining a dog with a stethoscope

Fear Free Veterinary Care Focuses

You and your pet deserve an environment where you both feel at ease. Our approach aims to create that safe space. These four focuses keep us on track:

  • Education – An educated owner is a more responsible owner. You love your pet like family and want to care for them to the best of your ability. To help you, we take the time to educate you about their conditions, medications, and treatment.
  • Advocacy – We advocate for low-stress care at every level of our animal hospital. Each interaction for you and your pet should be fear-free. Additionally, helping you understand low-stress care can help with you and your pet’s home life, too.
  • Cooperation – It is the bond between you and your pet that is most important. Our goal for your pet’s care is to foster that bond. Treatments and care plans are centered around both your pet’s needs and your lifestyle so both of you can focus more on each other.
  • Follow-up – The most effective strategies are those that have an effect long after they’re implemented. Our consistent gentle veterinary care should have a long-term effect on your pet. In time, they will become more comfortable at the animal hospital, and even calmer and more attentive at home, too!
a veterinary team member weighing a puppy

A Relaxed Pet Makes for a Better Wellness Exam

When your pet is relaxed, it makes our jobs easier in more ways than one. Relaxed patients give us the opportunity to perform more thorough exams and detect problems earlier. Additionally, some diagnostic test results are more accurate when the patient is less anxious and stressed.

Each individual pet and their owner deserves fear-free veterinary care. Taking time to get to know what works best for each pet is part of the challenge, and we work to find that sweet spot for their benefit, and yours!