Fear Free Care in Gilbert, AZ for Every Pet in Every Service

Veterinary care doesn't have to come at the expense of your pet's emotional well-being. At Priority Pet Hospital, we take steps to reduce fear, anxiety, and stress so your pet gets the care they need. We perform each of our services with your pet’s comfort and security in mind to ensure every vet experience is a positive one.

Is Your Pet Afraid of Veterinary Visits?

Fear at veterinary visits is a main cause of pets not seeing the vet as often as they should. We want to change that.

You probably know it already, but these behaviors indicate fear and anxiety at the vet:

  • Avoiding eye contact, guarded posture
  • Fidgeting, attention seeking, "clingy"
  • Panting, pacing, "on edge"
  • Trembling, hiding, avoiding interactions
  • Immobile, "frozen" with fear
  • Snarling, growling, hissing, barking
  • Lunging, snapping, biting, scratching

We reduce and even eliminate this behavior with low-stress handling by our Fear Free Certified Professionals.


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Less Stress for Your Pet & You

All you want is to feel good about taking your pet to the vet!

If veterinary visits are stressful for your pet, they're stressful for YOU. You're torn between getting the care you know they need and feeling awful about the terror they feel. It's not unusual for pets to be nervous during veterinary visits, but overwhelming fear and stress shouldn't keep pets from getting the best care we can provide.

At Priority Pet Hospital, our Fear Free Certified staff does everything we can to improve your pet's emotional response to veterinary visits. It starts with patience, positive reinforcement, and gentle, respectful handling and ends with more comprehensive care and less fear, anxiety, and stress for your pet AND you.

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Don't Let a Previous Bad Experience Hold You Back

Your pet shouldn't miss out on the care they need because they had a bad experience at the vet before. Take these steps to prep your pet for a better vet visit:

  • Schedule an appointment. Your pet's emotional state will determine how thorough an exam we perform on the first visit.
  • Don't feed your pet for at least two hours before the visit. Bring their favorite treats and toys and they will likely be more interested in positive reinforcement.
  • Focus on "needs" before "wants." We'll work together to decide what has to be done at the first visit and save more stressful and less important items for the next visit.
  • Review and adjust the plan after each visit. We're a team; let's work together to make every visit a little less stressful than the last one.

We can't wait to change the veterinary experience for you and your pet. Schedule your appointment today by calling (480) 857-7234 or through our online form to see for yourself the different level of care for pets at Priority Pet Hospital!