Personalized Preventive Pet Care Wellness Plans in Gilbert, AZ

Your pet is unique, and they deserve a preventive care wellness plan that suits their individual needs. Instead of subscribing to a set-in-stone plan, at Priority Pet Hospital, you can develop a preventive care strategy with our veterinarians that suits your pet's health care needs and your budget, too.

Subscribe to one of our plans to enjoy in-depth veterinary care that aims to prevent illnesses and conditions from developing in the first place. After every year, we'll re-evaluate your plan together to ensure your pet is receiving the specific care they require to maintain their health.

How to Enroll in a Wellness Plan

To enroll in a plan, one of our veterinarians will need to evaluate your pet. Since these plans are focused on preventive care, your pet needs to be in good health to qualify. Once your pet qualifies, we'll help you choose the preventive care plan that's right for your pet. You can start enjoying the benefits right away.

The total plan cost is divided into 12 automatic monthly payments, making budgeting for routine preventive care easy.

a veterinarian examining a cat

Preventive care wellness plans include only the services listed and shouldn't be confused with insurance. New plans are subject to a small enrollment fee. Contact us to learn more or schedule an appointment to have your pet evaluated in our low-stress clinic.