a maine coon kitten sitting in a gift box

Cat Friendly Animal Hospital in Gilbert: A Safe Place for Cats

As a cat owner, you know that cats require special handling and care different from their dog counterparts. When choosing a veterinarian for your cat's care, you want to know that the vet and staff are aware of these special needs. Cat Friendly Practices are just the place for you and your cat! Priority Pet Hospital in Gilbert became certified in 2012 and continues to provide cats with a low-stress, comfortable environment.

The Importance of Choosing a Cat Friendly Animal Hospital

The first step to being cat-friendly is understanding a cat’s experience in a veterinary clinic. They often become anxious when they see, smell, or hear other animals, and being in a foreign environment does not help matters either. At our animal hospital, we take special care to separate your cat from other animals, and we perform a physical exam wherever the cat is most comfortable—whether in their carrier, on the exam table, or sitting right next to you.

Additionally, Cat Friendly Animal Hospitals:

  • Feature educational materials and tailored advice for cat care.
  • Have well-trained staff who recognize the subtle signs of a cat in stress, in pain, or with illness.
  • Offer a dedicated exam room and ward for cats only, free of other animal smells.
  • Require consistent education of their staff who must meet continuing education hours for cat medicine and surgery.
Cat Friendly Veterinarian Performing a Wellness Exam

Care for Cat Caregivers, Too

The process of getting to the vet can be stressful, as well. Luckily, we can offer you tips to keep your cat calm for the journey, so you both can relax a little more. Simply making your cat comfortable in their carrier while at home will make a world of difference. Keep the carrier out and open so your cat has the opportunity to get familiar with it. Leaving treats in there does not hurt either!

Learn more about Cat Friendly Practices and what we do to make you and your cat’s visit stress-free by giving us a call or stopping by!