Wellness Exams for Pets in Gilbert, AZ

Preventive Care & Wellness Exams for Pets in Gilbert, AZ

Regular preventive care is as important as food, exercise, and affection. Pet wellness care is your pet's first line of defense from potentially dangerous illnesses. Regular wellness examinations and appropriate vaccinations help make sure your pet stays healthy inside and out.

While wellness care can't prevent every illness, regular wellness exams help identify problems early when treatment is the most effective and least costly. Priority Pet Hospital in Gilbert is here to provide your companion with the wellness care they need to live a long, active life with you.

Meeting Your Pet's Changing Wellness Care Needs

Pet wellness care is necessary for pets of all ages. Whether a puppy, a healthy young dog, or a senior, preventive care is essential, and pets' needs change with every life stage.

Puppies and kittens are at the beginning of a lifelong journey and need frequent preventive care to monitor their development and build immunity against common diseases. They can develop problems quickly and need regular examinations during their first year of life to ensure they grow up strong and healthy.

Regardless of age, regular wellness exams help your pet maintain their health and a high quality of life. Juniors, adults, and mature pets benefit from regular examinations to detect subtle signs of disease or conditions that could develop into more serious problems. For seniors, semi-annual check-ups mean better management of their chronic conditions and improved quality of life.

The six pet life stages and their essential preventive care needs are listed below:

Pediatric (cats: birth to 6 months / dogs: birth to 9-12 months)
  • Proper socialization and training
  • Frequent physical exams during rapid growth
  • Deworming treatments 
  • Parasite prevention 
  • Initial vaccinations (every 3-4 weeks until 4 months old)
  • Spay/neuter surgery
Junior (cats: 6 months to 2 years / dogs: 9-12 months to 2 years)
  • Twice-yearly exams
  • Basic blood screening
  • Parasite prevention
  • Reinforce good manners
  • Manage problem behaviors
  • Home dental hygiene
Adult (cats: 2-7 years / dogs: 2-6 years)
  • Twice-yearly exams
  • Basic blood screening
  • Parasite prevention
  • Maintain dental health
  • Proper nutrition and exercise
Mature (cats: 7-10 years / dogs: 6-9 years)
  • Twice-yearly exams
  • Basic blood screening
  • Urinalysis
  • Parasite prevention
  • Maintain dental health
  • Address developing age-related conditions
Senior (cats: 10+ years / dogs: 9+ years)
  • Twice-yearly exams
  • Advanced blood screening
  • Thyroid screening
  • Urinalysis
  • Parasite prevention
  • Maintain dental health
  • Preserve mobility
  • Manage chronic pain
  • Monitor cognitive and behavioral health
  • Monitor quality of life
Geriatric (cats: 14+ years / 12+ years)
  • Twice-yearly exams
  • Advanced lab screening
  • Parasite prevention
  • Maintain dental health
  • Preserve mobility
  • Manage chronic pain
  • Maintain healthy weight
  • Manage cognitive changes
  • Preserve quality of life

The Details: Low-Stress Wellness Exams for Pets

You don't want your pet to be stressed at the vet, and we don't want that either. During every visit, we use Fear Free techniques and Cat Friendly standards to ensure every pet and their owner are comfortable in our animal hospital.

In addition to a nose-to-tail physical exam, your pet's preventive care visit could include:

  • Evaluation for pain
  • Diet assessment
  • Body conditioning score
  • Review of behavior changes or problems
  • Regular de-worming to minimize the risk of zoonotic parasites
  • Periodic vaccinations
  • Intestinal parasite screening
  • Lab screening including blood tests and urinalysis
  • Heartworm screening and prevention
  • Feline Leukemia and Feline Immunodeficiency Virus testing

The first step toward comprehensive pet wellness care is scheduling your appointment! We look forward to welcoming you to our practice!

Veterinarian performing wellness exam on a dog

I have seen three doctors at Priority Pet Hospital, and they have all been exceptionally kind, knowledgeable, and compassionate. This pet hospital is pretty far from where I live, but I’m never going anywhere else!

- Trine B.

Excellent care, concern and forward thinking treatments for a dog with many issues. Very grateful!

- Michael P.

This has to be one of the most professional, yet down to earth friendly staffs I've ever encountered. Whether your visit is for a happy or sad occasion, you'll receive an "at home" level of care with the utmost empathy. I love this team!! 

- Kristine B.

I don't go anywhere else for my pet needs. Dr. Burns is amazing. She always takes time to listen and answers all me and my wife's questions.

- Ryan J.