Cat and Dog Vaccinations in Gilbert, AZ

Your pet is susceptible to a variety of diseases that are wholly preventable. Just like human vaccines, cat and dog vaccinations help your pet remain healthy from harmful, and potentially fatal diseases. Gilbert pets will receive vaccines tailored specifically to them—depending on their life stage, lifestyle, and medical condition. Your pet will typically receive cat or dog vaccines first as a series for newborns, and then many are given on a tri-annual basis to avoid problems associated with over-vaccination.

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Cat and Dog Vaccinations for a Fuller Life

Protecting your pet from serious illness gives you more quality time with them as they live longer fuller lives. Cats and dogs require core vaccines to protect from prevalent diseases. Each pet's individual lifestyle may require non-core vaccines as well.

Core Cat and Dog Vaccines

These are required vaccines that protect all pets from dangerous diseases.

Dog Vaccinations:

  • DHPP – protects from distemper, hepatitis, parainfluenza, and parvovirus
  • Rabies – required by law, this vaccine protects against the incurable, fatal, and highly infectious disease.

Cat Vaccinations:

  • FVRCP – protects from feline viral rhinotracheitis, calicivirus, and panleukopenia (feline distemper)
  • Rabies – highly recommended for all cats, even those who are housebound.

Non-Core Cat and Dog Vaccines

These cat an dog vaccines are based on your pet's lifestyle. Typically those who spend more time out of doors and in contact with other animals will benefit from these vaccines.

Dogs may receive:

  • Bordetella (kennel cough) – suggested for dogs who frequent dog parks, daycare and boarding facilities, and groomers. This respiratory disease is highly infectious.
  • Leptospirosis – recommended for dogs who spend time outdoors and come in contact with wildlife and water sources. A dangerous disease, it affects the kidney and liver and can spread to people.

Cats may receive:

  • Feline Leukemia – recommended for cats that spend significant time unsupervised out of doors. This highly infectious, incurable disease is passed through close contact with an infected cat.
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Reach Out and Learn More About Cat and Dog Vaccinations

Interested in learning about cat or dog vaccinations and their effect on your pet’s health? Don’t hesitate to call us at (480) 857-7234 and ask questions! Educating owners is a part of our commitment to your pet’s health.