Wanted: Volunteer Investigator for Vet Board Committee


Looking for a unique way to serve your state as a volunteer? Did you know the Arizona Board of Veterinary Medical examiners has four members of the general public who serve on two committees that investigate complaints made against veterinarians? The Arizona Veterinary Medical Examining Board is looking for a public member to serve a […]

Iowa cat diagnosed with H1N1

The Iowa Department of Public Health reported that Iowa health officials have confirmed that a pet cat has been diagnosed with H1N1 influenza virus. The cat has made a full recovery, and its illness is suspected to have arisen from a person in the household who was sick with H1N1. There is no indication that […]

Many Smokers Would Quit for the Sake of their Pets

A recent study about pet owners’ attitudes and behaviors related to smoking has demonstrated that more than 28% of pet owners would try to quit if they knew that secondhand smoke (SHS) was a danger to their pets. The study, which involved an online survey of over 3,200 adults, found that about one in five pet owners […]

CATalyst Council Honors Phoenix

The CATalyst Council, a coalition of the veterinary community, academia, nonprofits, industry and animal welfare organizations, named Phoenix one of the top 10 cat-friendly cities in America. Other honorees include: Tampa, San Francisco, Portland (Oregon), Denver, Boston, Seattle, San Diego, Atlanta and Minneapolis. The list was compiled after reviewing the top 25 standard metropolitan areas for such […]

Abandoned Cats Raise Concern at Riparian Preserve

Pets–at least former pets–made the front page of the Arizona Republic this morning. The Gilbert Riparian Preserve, a 110 acre haven for resident and migratory birds near Guadelupe and Greenfield Roads, has long been a refuge for abandoned and unwanted domestic cats. While at one time small, the population of cats in the preserve has […]

The Truth about Cats | USA WEEKEND Magazine

The truth about CATS, published today in USA WEEKEND Magazine, describes what author Steve Dale calls a “dirty little secret:”  the fact that there are nearly 10 million more pet cats than pet dogs in the US, but they often get the short shrift—in the form of poor public perception, less frequent veterinary care, and fewer research dollars […]