Well, construction is nearly complete, and I keep trying to take some nice new photos for everyone, but every time I drop by the hospital, there are new boxes all over the place and I put photography off.  It may be another several days before I snap the shutter again, since we’re installing something new every day this week.  Rest assured that we’ll keep you posted on the progress, though.

We’ve found the foundation on which we’ll build our team now, and we realized just how special they are when we were telling a friend about the hiring process last week.  You see, we received over 300 online applications to fill just three positions.  This means that we had the luxury of being very selective, but also the difficulty of wading through many, many applications to find only the best.  When it was all said and done, each applicant had less of a chance of making the team than most aspiring veterinarians have of gaining acceptance into vet school.  When Dr. Burns and I applied to professional school, for instance, the acceptance rate at the University of Florida was somewhere around eight or ten percent.  Only one percent of our applicants made the final cut.  So, to Michael, Shea, and Natasha:  congratulations.  We are thrilled to have you on board and looking forward to working with you.

Our staff orientation begins tomorrow, and you will soon be able to learn more about our team on the website.  What I can tell you now is that they have a wide range of experiences and talents—both in and outside of veterinary medicine—that will help make Priority Pet Hospital a better place.