And up go the walls!

The walls have been taking shape one step at a time over the last few weeks.  First, sheetrock goes up on one side, then insulation is put up, then the opposite side is sheetrocked.  Once all the wallboard is up, taping and texturing begins, and then in come the painters.  As I type, color has been applied to most of the walls, and Priority Pet Hospital is really beginning to look like our home away from home!

Clint (our project supervisor, in case you haven’t been reading along) was absolutely right:  once the steel studs were covered, the place looked small again.  Not being able to see “through” all the walls will do that, I suppose.  Nonetheless, the walls further defined the space and made the architect’s design truly come to life.  It’s quite a sight to see, actually.  While the treatment area, wards, surgery, and other work areas are fairly typical of any first-class veterinary practice, the public areas of the hospital are unlike any place either of us have ever worked—truly “ours!”

Below, you can see a view of the treatment area from in front of surgery after the studs have been “one-sided.”  The large viewing windows into the dog and cat wards can be seen at right; the wall that will prevent the bacteria-laden mist generated during dental procedures from crossing the room and settling on patients being prepped for surgery is visible only as the bare framework at the center of the photo.

Next is a view of the same room from the opposite side.  The walls are now covered on both sides, and the joints have been taped and covered with joint compound.

And, finally, the same view with texture and paint.

Here’s the reception area, sheetrocked and awaiting joint tape and compound:

And, now, with texture and paint, highlighting the overhead soffits:

Needless to say, things have been moving along swiftly and smoothly.  The cabinet company is prepared to come in next week and begin installation ahead of schedule, and flooring has been ordered and installation scheduled.  We’ve been in touch with the phone system installer, our security company, computer supplier, and numerous veterinary product and equipment manufacturers and distributors to ensure that everything’s in place when the big day arrives.  Clint assures us that we’re on schedule to be finished in time for the holidays, and we will welcoming new patients no later than the second of January.  We can’t wait, and we hope you can’t either!