Dr. Burns and I became and aunt and an uncle for the first time last month when Dr. B’s sister Molly and her husband Brian welcomed Sienna Mai into their hearts and home.  While we’ve had to settle for photos of our new neice so far, Dr. Burns has a trip to Florida coming up that will combine her 10 year vet school class reunion with a weeklong visit with Sienna and her proud parents.  While I would love to join her–the reunion is a cruise to Mexico and Belize, after all–we’ve been joking that somebody needs to stay in Arizona and take care of the “new baby.”  Since Molly is Dr. B’s sister, I get to babysit the hospital and care for our patients and clients while she’s gone.Our little joke got me to thinking a night or two ago while I couldn’t sleep.  No doubt Molly and Brian are losing sleep on many nights, just as we are—admittedly for different reasons.   As I lay there thinking, it occured to me that, joke or no joke, we probably share more in common with Molly and Brian than we first realized.  After all, both of these “kids” are a tremendous investment—emotionally, financially, and otherwise—that is the embodiment of a very important goal in each couple’s life together.  Both couples are constantly fielding phone calls and inquiries from interested family and friends asking how things are going, what’s happening with the new addition, etc.  We’re also all getting plenty of advice, both solicited and not, and having to choose what parts to keep and which to discard.I’m happy to say that both bundles of joy are doing just fine.  As Priority Pet Hospital finished its first month, we were within 15% of our projected income and are happy to have at least paid our rent.  It’s the first of what will certainly be a few baby steps, but a good sign given the current worries over our economy and the housing slump here in the Valley.  Everyone who has visited us has been very suportive, and we’d like to take a moment to thank our clients, both old and new, for helping us remember why we’ve embarked on this journey when our new responsibilities threaten to overwhelm us.  Similarly, our Team has been great, and we’d like to thank them for the help, support, and patience they’ve shown as we get our feet under us; we look forward to growing together.I know both sets of parents will face some challenges in the months and years ahead.  And both will feel unprepared and in over their heads at times.  But, with time, effort, and love, both “babies” will grow to be something to be proud of.Welcome Sienna Mai!Congratulations Molly and Brian!