Dr. Burns diagnosed a new case of canine heartworm disease in ZIP code 85298—right in our own backyard—this week. If your dog isn’t tested annually and getting monthly preventive medication, call today for an appointment. If your dog is on a preventive, but has gone six weeks or more between any two doses, testing should be scheduled for 6 months after the missed dose.

Heartworm is a deadly disease that’s spread from dog to dog by mosquito bites. The area around PPH has a high mosquito population right now, and Maricopa County Vector Control recently sprayed the neighborhood to control these pests. For some dogs, however, this will be too late.

Heartworm prevention costs about as much as a latte or a fast-food value meal once a month. It’s a small investment and could save your dog’s life (not to mention $1000 or more in treatment!).