Howls of approval for the City of Chandler

The city of Chandler has returned four ultrasonic anti-bark devices it had planned to install at Shawnee Bark Park (just NW of Alma School and Warner) after several neighborhood residents complained about—imagine that—barking dogs at the canine playground. The Dog Silencer Pro devices were criticized by opponents of the plan because they punish all dogs within 300 feet with a high-pitched sound when a single dog may be barking. Those with even a basic understanding of how dogs learn can appreciate that poorly-timed consequences, whether negative or positive, are not helpful in changing canine behavior. Even though the dog who is barking will receive a well-timed negative stimulus from such devices, the innocent bystanders will be confused and irritated at best.

While Chandler has not ruled out the possibility of purchasing the devices again after performing more research on their safety and effectiveness, the city is considering shortening park hours and other more logical methods of appeasing neighbors.