Iverhart Plus recalled by Manufacturer Virbac

The manufacturer of Iverhart Plus, a popular generic heartworm preventative used in dogs, recently recalled two lots of this medication when quality control measures revealed that they did not contain an adequate amount of ivermectin to protect dogs larger than 85 pounds from heartworm disease.

THIS RECALL DOES NOT AFFECT HEARTWORM PREVENTATIVES DISPENSED AT PRIORITY PET HOSPITAL. Pet owners who purchased their heartworm preventative through other avenues, including internet pharmacies, should check to see what brand of medication is being used. If your pet has been receiving Iverhart Plus, check VIN News for the full article and affected lot numbers. Dogs who have received affected product should be switched to a different lot or product and tested for heartworm disease four to five months after the switch.

We recommend year-round heartworm prevention for all dogs. These preventatives not only protect your dog from heartworm disease; they also protect all members of the family against intestinal parasites, some of which can infect people. Heartworm testing is quick and affordable, and prevention costs less than a couple lattes a month. If your dog has been taking Iverhart Plus from an affected lot, please don’t hesitate to call Priority Pet Hospital with questions or concerns.