Nature's Variety Recalls Raw Frozen Diets

Pet food manufacturer Nature’s Variety has recalled frozen raw chicken diets due to concern about possible Salmonella contamination; a list of recalled products is available on the manufacturer’s website. The company notes that this recall is voluntary, and no human or pet illneses have been associated with the recalled products at this time.

Vomiting, diarrhea, and other signs of gastrointestinal upset may occur when pets are exposed to Salmonella-contaminated foodstuffs; severe cases can result in serious illness, particularly in young or small dogs. A discussion of Salmonella in dogs can be found at Foodborne illnesses including Salmonella can be transmitted to human family members. The CDC has prepared a list of Frequently Asked Questions about foodborne illnesses in humans. Always practice safe food-handling if you are feeding a raw or home-cooked diet to your pets.