"Signs" of more progress

priority pet hospital, veterinarian, gilbert, arizonaLast Friday was a big day, as our sign finally went up to let the neighborhood know we’re on our way. Sign-A-Rama’s truck pulled in just as I was finishing up a brief meeting with Clint, and, along with Dr. B’s dad Ed and our friend Dr. Wappel from the Emergency Animal Clinic, I was able to watch the whole process unfold. After laying out the letters and the logo on the sidewalk, the installers hopped in their “cherry picker” basket and moved to the face of the building. They then made a few measurements before unrolling a huge paper pattern and taping it up onto the facade. The letters, and all the holes that needed to be drilled, were printed right on the paper, and they simply went from “X” to “X” with the drill until all the prep work was complete. Then the pattern came down, and, one at a time, the letters and logo went up. A pretty tidy system indeed!

priority pet hospital, veterinarian, gilbert, arizona
The reception desk “cubbies” lay on the floor next to the refreshment area after laminate has been applied to the front wall of the reception desk. Pendant lighting was installed over the counter last week.
priority pet hospital, veterinarian, gilbert, arizona
The wet tables and pedestals have been installed in the treatment area; the dental X-ray unit was installed today (sorry, no pictures of that yet!).
priority pet hospital, veterinarian, gilbert, arizona
Countertops and other finishing touches were applied to the cabinetry in all three exam rooms.

Inside, work continued, and countertops were being installed and cut for sinks and other fixtures. We were particularly impressed with craftsmanship of the storage “cubbies” that line the back of the reception counter; while our guests won’t see the cubbies, they will be essential in ensuring that visitors also won’t see the necessary pens, pencils, forms, and other items that can clutter a desk in a heartbeat. Other finishing touches such as through-the-counter drops for trash and medical waste in the exam rooms and laminate wall covering in the lab area will contribute to a clean, orderly, and safe workplace that our entire team can be proud of.

The treatment area is really taking shape now, with the installation of the cabinets housing the wet tables, as well as a large dry treatment table. A fourth “table” will be provided by a mobile gurney that will help move patients to and from the surgical theater; this gurney will have a hydraulic lift that will make it easier to move patients into lower kennels in the recovery wards as well. Our digital dental X-ray unit was installed this morning, as the flooring installers discussed a game plan for laying the ceramic tile during the next two weeks. As the tile goes in, work will slow since it’s tough to have one crew working on the floor and others walking all over it!

Flipping through photos of a bare slab full of trench cuts taken just three months ago, I can hardly believe how far this project has come already. It’s even harder to believe that in six short weeks our doors will open and we will meet our first patients. Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday, and you can bet we’ll have plenty to be thankful for as we sit down to dinner on Thursday!