Traveling? Update Pets' Microchip Information First!

Vacation season is fast approaching, and–take it from a Griswold–sometimes it’s best to leave your pets home. But before you leave town, make sure your pets’ microchip information is up-to-date. You can log in to most chip databases and update your contact info these days. Our favorite microchip provider makes it super-easy; you can sign up for online access with your pet’s microchip number, email, or fax updates to your contact information to AKC Companion Animal Recovery.

Don’t forget that you want to pick emergency contacts that you don’t usually travel with. It won’t do much good if your second and third points of contact are out there on that cruise with you when your pet slips out of the house! And make sure you have your vet’s name listed, too.

Microchips really do save lives. One study showed that animal shelters were able to find three out of four microchipped pets’ owners. Cats with microchips were 20–TWENTY–times more likely, and dogs were two and a half times more likely, to be reunited with their family when they were microchipped. Popular media and the internet abound with microchip success stories.

So, before you head out of town, make sure your pets are microchipped, and double check your contact information with the microchip database. What? Your pets aren’t microchipped? Give us a call or click the button to the right. It’s inexpensive and can be done during a regular visit. Don’t know which database to call? Just go to and enter the chip number. This universal lookup site will show which database the chip is registered with, as well as the most recent contact information provided.

OK, now that your pets are protected, have a great trip!