VIN to the Rescue

The Veterinary Information Network, or VIN, as it is known to members, is an online veterinary community that both Dr. Burns and I have been members of for some time. It’s a tremendous resource, a place where veterinarians working in many different capacities (small practices like ours, universities, specialty hospitals, industry, research, etc.) can discuss a variety of topics. We both use it with great frequency to find the latest and most  up-to-date information on many topics and solicit help with odd or frustrating cases. A recent post on the VIN News website, a public site where VIN news reports are shared outside our community, really gives a great illustration of the usefulness of this resource. Click HERE to read a heartwarming story about a stranded seal pup, a Russian veterinarian with a big heart (and no experience with seals), and an international veterinary community coming together. While we’re not likely to encounter a seal pup here in the Valley, I think this story demonstrates the true power of VIN, and I’m happy that we have this kind of support available to help our patients as well!

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