Who's that girl?

If you’re like us, the photo of the beautiful young lady and her puppy on our banner caught your eye the moment you saw it. Most of our clients and friends are aware we don’t have any two-legged children, but they often ask who the little girl with Archie (our youngest dog) is.

In case you were wondering, too, her name is Karly. And given the opportunity to speak up, I’m sure six-year-old Karly would tell you that her pal in the photo isn’t Archie at all, but Ruger, one of her family’s Drahthaars. During the initial design of our website, we stumbled upon Karly and Ruger in a group of puppy photos on another site maintained by Traceable Creations, our web designer. Tracie had just sent us a number of stock photos to consider for use on the website. While the stock images were composed well, exposed perfectly, and clean in appearance, none captured Priority Pet Hospital’s ultimate purpose–”to celebrate, nurture, and preserve the bond shared between pets and people”–like that snapshot of Karly and Ruger.

“That photo is fantastic! Who’s that girl?” I asked Tracie. A few e-mails later, I was in contact with Karly’s mom, Katy. With four kids and two dogs in their home, Katy could appreciate Priority Pet Hospital’s mission and our dedication to the human-animal bond and agreed to permit us to use Karly’s likeness online. Katy’s blessing in hand, Tracie crafted the website you see today.

And that, as they say, is the rest of the story. Thanks, Karly, Ruger, and Katy!