Fifi phone home? iPhone apps cater to pet owners

Pet Phone, a new application for the iPhone, lets you take your pets’ health information mobile. The $5 application records appointments, medications, allergies, and weight for multiple pets. It also has a “Find a Vet” option that will locate veterinary practices near your location on Google Maps–a great feature if you’re traveling, but we hope Priority Pet Hospital is the only place you’ll need around town!Design company Phantom Particle recently introduced Pet Phone, a mobile pet care and first-aid reference with information on dogs, cats, and several exotic species, as well. Pet Phone also boasts a GPS-enabled “vet locator” for emergencies on the go. Priced at only $1.99, a portion of the proceeds is donated to the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA). Many other application designers donate a portion of their proceeds to humane and rescue organizations, too. For instance, when users download the video game “Shivering Kittens” during the month of April, application creator GiantCrayon Games will donate one dollar to the ASPCA.A variety of other pet-related applications are available at the iTunes app store. In addition to video games, other programs like iPet Cats and iFluff Pets, allow pet lovers to adopt and care for virtual pets on their iPhones. How have pets found their way onto your iPhone?