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Wordless Wednesday: Summer

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Wordless Wednesday: Pool Party

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Taking Dogs to Rocky Point

Q: Our family is headed to Rocky Point with our dog. Are there any pet health risks I should be aware of when traveling to Mexico? A: Parasites and infectious diseases are the biggest risks associated with travel to Mexico. With proper preparation, risks can be minimized and taking dogs to Rocky Point can be…

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Do dogs going to Mexico need a pet health certificate?

Q: We want to take our family dog with us on a trip to Rocky Point this summer. Do we need a pet health certificate for dogs going to Mexico? Is there any other paperwork? A: According to the Mexican Consulate, a health certificate issued by a licensed veterinarian and proof of vaccination against rabies…

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Pass the puppy, please!

We have a little game we play with puppies. It usually starts after Dr. Burns gets finished examining one and starts chatting with the pup’s people. While the family is distracted, the puppy mysteriously disappears—sometimes until the visit is over and Dr. B walks the family back up to reception, where the missing puppy is…

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8 Reasons it’s Better to be a Pet Now than 25 Years Ago

Dogs have it pretty good these days, as Karen B. London, PhD recently pointed out in THE BARK. In 8 Reasons it’s Better to be a Dog Now than 25 Years Ago, London points out some of the ways dogs have it better now than they did in the 80’s. Written from her perspective as…

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Tips for aging parents, pets

A feature on caught my attention this morning. The title alone was enough to draw a vet’s interest, but where it was published got me even more interested. What could a business news site have to say about pets? In How to Handle Aging Parent’s Pets, Carolyn Rosenblatt, a nurse, attorney, and author of The Boomer’s Guide…

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Bow WOW! Archeologists age world's oldest dog.

While the finding is subject to debate, German scientists announced that they have used carbon dating to determine the age of a canine jaw found in a cave just across the Swiss border. The bone was unearthed in the late 1800’s, but aging of the 14,000 year-old fragment has renewed a debate about when and where…

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Creator of the Labradoodle wishes he hadn't

The former manager of Australia’s Royal Institute of the Blind’s puppy program credited with coining the name “Labradoodle” after breeding the first litter of the popular pooch now wishes he hadn’t, according to a recent interview with The Australian.  Wally Conran paired a purebred Labrador from the puppy program with his boss’ standard poodle back in 1988, hoping to…

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Pet Parents, Sunday's your day

This Sunday will mark the second annual National Pet Parents Day, a spring holiday that “recognizes and honors those who lovingly consider their pets part of their close-knit family,” according to sponsors. While you won’t find a row of greeting cards at your local Target for this day yet, you can use Pet Parents Day’s website to send…

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