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Happy Birthday, Sonoma!

Thank you, Sonoma, for inviting Archie and me to your birthday party this afternoon.  After all that running, swimming, and birthday cake, we spent the evening resting on the couch.  It was just the outlet we needed after our folks were away yesterday!Best wishes,Rana

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A dog's eye view of canine lameness

Hey, it’s me, Archie.  Don’t tell my mom I hijacked her laptop, OK?  Dad (a.k.a. Dr. Griswold) has been having so much fun with this blog thing, I thought I’d give it a try.  It took everything in me to behave and not keep the whole family awake by wrestling with Rana at bedtime, but…

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What a difference a week makes!

Our weekly visit to the  construction site today found the building’s skeleton taking shape.  Framing began at the middle of the week, and the central portion of the hospital is now outlined by metal studs (left).  We walked “into” the doctor’s office, strolled down the hallway containing the pharmacy and in-house laboratory, and entered each of…

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Meet the family

Ever wonder if your veterinarian is as crazy about their pets as you are about yours?Well, you can rest assured that this is the case at Priority Pet Hospital.  In fact, we do many of the same crazy things you do for your pets for our own “kids.”  One of Dr. Burns’ longtime clients was worried we’d think…

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Construction update

We stopped by the construction site to check out the progress last weekend, and found the clinic coming to life like Frankenstein’s monster.  The building’s airways (ductwork), lungs (air handlers), and circulatory system (plumbing) are in the process of being installed.  Some of the outer skin—in the form of sheetrock covering the dividing walls—has been…

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Who's that girl?

If you’re like us, the photo of the beautiful young lady and her puppy on our banner caught your eye the moment you saw it. Most of our clients and friends are aware we don’t have any two-legged children, but they often ask who the little girl with Archie (our youngest dog) is. In case…

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