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Pet Wellness: Why it matters

Why should you care about pet wellness? Last week we talked about what pet wellness–or, more appropriately, preventive care–is: using your veterinarian to screen for serious illness and provide education on how to help your pet live a healthier lifestyle. But why should you care? We all know vets can’t prevent every problem. But even…

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What is Pet Wellness?

October is National Pet Wellness Month. Pet Wellness. It’s a great buzz phrase, isn’t it? But what does it really mean? Your pet is WELL, right? She’s not sick, and isn’t that the opposite of well? So why should you care about pet wellness? There’s nothing to do if your pet isn’t sick. Or is…

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What are "core vaccines?"

Q: What’s the difference between “core” and “non-core” vaccines? Why should I care? A: Core vaccines are those that are recommended for all dogs or cats. They protect against diseases that infect dogs or cats of all life stages and lifestyles. These diseases usually (1) have high rates of infection, (2) pose a threat to…

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