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Internet hypes "new" strain of Parvovirus

What started last week as a well-intentioned press release from a Michigan animal shelter is rapidly developing into a full-blown case of internet hysteria in the dog-owning community.  This press release has morphed into an email containing a numer of inaccuracies and describing an “extremely fatal,” new variant of canine parvovirus.  Many of you will likely find a…

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Wanted: Your Photos

As you’ve heard, Lessons Learned from Dogs was a great success.  The scrapbook Dr. Burns created, however, is currently devoid of pictures!  While she enjoys scrapping about our pets, we thought it would be fun to ask all of you to contribute photos so we can create a book that everyone can share at the hospital.  The format of…

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I'm Famous!

OK, maybe not famous, but I did get my photo on along with my friends Keegan and Lulu!  Mom, dad, Rana and I, along with our friends Rose, Falcor, Coach, Maggie, Sadie, and all their people, spent last Friday evening at downtown Mesa’s Dog Days of Summer Friday Night Out.  Too bad news of this…

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