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Ready to run!

After three weeks of trips around the block, I finally got to take the “walk” I’d been waiting for last weekend.  Mom and dad took me down to the San Rafael Valley in southeastern Arizona, home of oak-studded grassy canyons and the Mearn’s quail, a really cool little bird that pointing dogs love.  While I…

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"Signs" of more progress

Last Friday was a big day, as our sign finally went up to let the neighborhood know we’re on our way. Sign-A-Rama’s truck pulled in just as I was finishing up a brief meeting with Clint, and, along with Dr. B’s dad Ed and our friend Dr. Wappel from the Emergency Animal Clinic, I was…

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Mark your calendar!

Okay, okay, after weeks of answering with “late December or early January,” we have finally set a date and will open our doors on the second of January, 2008.  “Why so long?” some of you will ask.   Well, the reasons are numerous, and I assure you that this decision wasn’t made quickly.

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A Place for Everything

Just when I think things are finally going to slow down and give us time to think, we’re making progress as quickly as ever.  Door frames and doors were installed in the blink of an eye last week, just before truckload after truckload of cabinets came rolling in.  Wall and base cabinets have been going…

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The other side of the table…

While Archie’s recent posts have attempted to approach his surgical experience from a dog’s point-of-view, his surgery and aftercare have forced Dr. Burns and I to stand in a place I’ve often thought of as the “other side of the table.”  That is, to a great extent, with Archie, we are now on the opposite side…

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I've got my walking papers!

 We went to see Dr. Lirtzman today, and I got the news I was looking for!  Two or three brief walks a day in the neighborhood for the next few weeks, with increasing “road time” after that.  Although I still have some soreness in my shoulders, there is very little swelling and I no longer…

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The Search Begins

Veterinary healthcare team members are special people, and Dr. Burns and I have been fortunate to work with many fantastic technicians, assistants, and receptionists over the last decade.  And, although you typically speak of taking your pet to see the veterinarian, it is really these other folks who truly make a practice tick, smile, and…

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Online wanderings…

After handing out gobs of Halloween candy to the neighborhood kids last night, I came back to the computer to check e-mail and do some goofing off.  I’d recently read about a vet in Miami who has a very active blog, and decided to check out Dr. Patty Khuly’s site,  As you may have…

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