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Veterinarian speaks for Spot on NPR

Veterinarian Translates Barks And Meows, a popular interview with Dr. Nancy Kay was originally aired in March. This week was animal week at Fresh Air, and the interview was rebroadcast. Dr. Kay is a board-certified specialist in internal medicine and author of Speaking for Spot: be the advocate your dog needs to live a happy, healthy,…

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Iverhart Plus recalled by Manufacturer Virbac

The manufacturer of Iverhart Plus, a popular generic heartworm preventative used in dogs, recently recalled two lots of this medication when quality control measures revealed that they did not contain an adequate amount of ivermectin to protect dogs larger than 85 pounds from heartworm disease. THIS RECALL DOES NOT AFFECT HEARTWORM PREVENTATIVES DISPENSED AT PRIORITY PET…

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Many Smokers Would Quit for the Sake of their Pets

A recent study about pet owners’ attitudes and behaviors related to smoking has demonstrated that more than 28% of pet owners would try to quit if they knew that secondhand smoke (SHS) was a danger to their pets. The study, which involved an online survey of over 3,200 adults, found that about one in five pet owners…

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