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I forgot a dose of heartworm prevention, why retest?

Q: I was a few weeks late giving my dog’s heartworm preventative, and now my vet says I should test him again in six months. I only missed ONE dose.  Is she trying to rip me off? A: Nope, she’s trying to protect your dog’s long-term health. Heartworm preventatives keep your dog from getting sick…

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Yikes! I forgot to give my dog's heartworm pill!

Q: I forgot to give my dog’s monthly heartworm preventative, what should I do? A: Give the dose you missed immediately, then continue giving the medication on the day you’ve always given it. If the missed dose is more than 2 weeks late, your dog should be tested for heartworm again in six months (click…

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Help! My cat is pooping outside the litterbox!

Q: My cat has started pooping right next to his litterbox. We recently had to change the type of litter because I’m pregnant and can’t be exposed to regular cat litter. Should we switch back, try a new one, or will he get used to it? A: Inappropriate elimination–defecating or urinating in unwanted places–may be…

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