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10 Reasons to supervise your cats outdoors

Most cats undeniably enjoy spending time outdoors. The opportunity to roll in the dirt, snack on grass, or chase bugs and lizards is actually a very valuable way to help reduce the stress of indoor life for many cats. But in most places, a strictly-outdoor existence is fraught with dangers for pets that routinely leave…

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Nutro Recalls Dry Cat Food

VIN News reported yesterday that pet food manufacturer Nutro has recalled ten varieties of the company’s dry cat foods,seven of which are sold in the US, after incorrect amounts of zinc and potassium were detected in the foods. As a result of this voluntary recall, Nutro has advised pet owners who have purchased affected products to…

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What do YOU want to ask the doctor?

Communication is a big part of what our team does: in the examination room, on the phone, through email–even with Facebook status updates and Twitter “tweets.” One of the resources I use to improve my communication skills is an email newsletter from speaker Meryl Runion. This week’s “Power Phrase” is one that all pet owners can and…

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Dolittler: Kitty comforts: How cat-friendly is YOUR veterinary hospital?

Dolittler: Kitty comforts: How cat-friendly is YOUR veterinary hospital? Dr. Patty had a great post about what vets can do to make a practice cat-friendly yesterday. I’m proud to say that we meet 9 of her personal top 10 “cat friendly criteria” by providing a waiting room with a small isolated corner that can house nervous…

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Nail trimming made easy

Nail trims are one of the most common non-medical tasks that the veterinary healthcare team is asked to perform. Sometimes, the request is made because a pet owner is afraid to hurt their pet. More commonly, however, it’s a result of the fact that the pet has developed a fearful response to gentle restraint, handling…

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