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Swimming Pool Safety for Pets

Pool weather is here! Many Arizona families let their dogs enjoy a dip in the pool, especially when temperatures soar over 100 degrees. Everyone knows that pools can be deadly for kids, but swimming pool safety for pets gets little mention. Remember, owning a dog is a lot like having a toddler for 15 years.…

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How do I stop my dog from eating poop?

Q: My dog has the grossest habit: he eats poop. How can I make him stop? A: According to a veterinary study, picking up dog droppings immediately was the only effective way to control this habit. A couple weeks ago I wrote about the traits common to dogs that engage in coprophagia (the medical term…

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Natural Balance recalls Chicken and Sweet Potato dog food

Natural Balance has recalled five- and and 28-pound bags of Sweet Potato & Chicken Dry Dog food, manufactured on December 17, 2009 with a “Best By” date of June 17, 2011. This voluntary recall has been ordered because a random sampling of this product tested positive for by the FDA; independent testing ordered by the company has failed to confirm this finding.…

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FDA Says: "No bones about it!

The US Food and Drug Administration has just released a consumer health advisory stating that bones are unsafe for dogs. Dr. Carmela Stamper of the FDA’s Center for Veterinary Medicine explains that, no matter how big or small the dog or the bone, they are generally considered unsafe for dogs.  Most pet owners are aware that…

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Nature's Variety Recalls Chicken-Based Diets

On Wednesday, Nature’s Variety announced a voluntary recall of their Chicken Formula and Organic Chicken Formula products with a “Best If Used By” date on or before 02/5/11 after receiving test results from an outside facility that indicate that Chicken Formula Raw Frozen Diet with the “Best If Used By” date of 10/29/10 and Chicken…

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Nature's Variety Recalls Raw Frozen Diets

Pet food manufacturer Nature’s Variety has recalled frozen raw chicken diets due to concern about possible Salmonella contamination; a list of recalled products is available on the manufacturer’s website. The company notes that this recall is voluntary, and no human or pet illneses have been associated with the recalled products at this time. Vomiting, diarrhea,…

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Iverhart Plus recalled by Manufacturer Virbac

The manufacturer of Iverhart Plus, a popular generic heartworm preventative used in dogs, recently recalled two lots of this medication when quality control measures revealed that they did not contain an adequate amount of ivermectin to protect dogs larger than 85 pounds from heartworm disease. THIS RECALL DOES NOT AFFECT HEARTWORM PREVENTATIVES DISPENSED AT PRIORITY PET…

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Nutro Recalls Dry Cat Food

VIN News reported yesterday that pet food manufacturer Nutro has recalled ten varieties of the company’s dry cat foods,seven of which are sold in the US, after incorrect amounts of zinc and potassium were detected in the foods. As a result of this voluntary recall, Nutro has advised pet owners who have purchased affected products to…

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Salmonella from Peanut Products found in Pets

The CDC recently announced that an Oregon dog has been diagnosed with Salmonellosis after ingesting recalled peanut butter-containing pet treats; public health officials in at least three other states report dogs with illnesses consistent with Salmonellosis after eating recalled peanut butter products. A zoonotic disease, Salmonella can be transmitted from infected pets to their families.…

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Marley touches a nerve with PPH clients

Dr. Burns and I took some time out over the weekend to see Marley and Me, which hit theaters over the holidays. I enjoyed reading the book shortly after its debut, but hadn’t intended to see the big-screen adaptation until after it was released on DVD. However, several clients have brought up the movie—particularly the ending—over…

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