Veterinary Blog in Gilbert

The countdown begins

Merry Christmas!  No time for visions of sugarplums around here, we’re preparing for the big day that will arrive only a week from tomorrow.  I spent much of the day yesterday and the better part of this morning inside the biggest Christmas present I’ll ever receive, setting up our computer system, installing small equipment, and completing various…

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Well, construction is nearly complete, and I keep trying to take some nice new photos for everyone, but every time I drop by the hospital, there are new boxes all over the place and I put photography off.  It may be another several days before I snap the shutter again, since we’re installing something new…

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Tile and plumbing and lights—Oh My!

Well, most of last week was consumed by tile installation, which began with “laying the field” of whole tiles and then slowly came to completion after all the cuts were made and fit into the smaller areas and irregular corners.  The lobby floor has a pair of wide arcs that reflect the ceiling soffits above,…

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