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And up go the walls!

The walls have been taking shape one step at a time over the last few weeks.  First, sheetrock goes up on one side, then insulation is put up, then the opposite side is sheetrocked.  Once all the wallboard is up, taping and texturing begins, and then in come the painters.  As I type, color has…

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Four weeks and counting!

It’s been over a month since my big day and I’ve been doing great (Thank you to everyone who asks about to me, BTW).  I’ve been cooped up like a chicken since my last post, partly because my folks took turns having vacation and I’m a lot for one parent to handle, and partly because…

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Surgery, what surgery?

So, it’s been 9 days since the shoulder surgery, and (aside from a dorky haircut and some surgical staples) you’d never know I’ve been under the knife.  I am still taking anti-inflammatory drugs and injections to help my cartilage heal, but Mom and Dad stopped sedating me a day or two ago, and I’m driving…

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Moving right along!

Framing continues, and installation of electrical and other wiring has begun.  Clint (our supervisor) is working feverishly to make sure there is wood “backing” in place wherever something heavy will hang on the walls, and he’s constantly on the lookout for little details that will improve the clinic’s appearance and function.  He and our general…

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Back on my feet!

Well, it’s been two days since Dr. Lirtzman removed a dime-sized cartilage flap from each of my shoulders, and already Dad’s having trouble keeping me quiet.  Consequently, I’m spending a lot of time resting in my kennel, save for short leash walks into the yard to go to the bathroom.  I’m not sure who this…

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