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Dog Training Myths Guaranteed to Help Make Your Dog More Fearful

We all start dog training with the best of intentions. Nobody wants to make their dog fearful in the process. However, many dog owners, trainers, and even veterinarians still subscribe to common myths about dog training that can contribute to fearful behaviors. Here are three of those myths, the reality behind them, and some suggestions…

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5 Great Positive Gun Dog Training Resources

We meet dogs that serve many roles in their families: service dogs, lap dogs, running partners, you name it. We also meet hunting dogs. And before you start imagining dusty hounds living in a little dirt-floored kennel in the back yard, let me re-state that: we also meet hunting buddies. Loveable, happy, spoiled-rotten retrievers, flushing,…

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Pass the puppy, please!

We have a little game we play with puppies. It usually starts after Dr. Burns gets finished examining one and starts chatting with the pup’s people. While the family is distracted, the puppy mysteriously disappears—sometimes until the visit is over and Dr. B walks the family back up to reception, where the missing puppy is…

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