I'm Famous!

OK, maybe not famous, but I did get my photo on AZCentral.com along with my friends Keegan and Lulu!  Mom, dad, Rana and I, along with our friends Rose, Falcor, Coach, Maggie, Sadie, and all their people, spent last Friday evening at downtown Mesa’s Dog Days of Summer Friday Night Out.  Too bad news of this event didn’t hit the papers until the day before, or I’d have told everbody about it last week.

Downtown Mesa welcomed dogs all along West Main for the evening.  There were people and dogs everywhere, most of the downtown businesses welcomed us inside, and there was also a series of contests for us to participate in.  Falcor won the award for biggest dog (he’s a great Dane).  Sadie took second in smallest dog, but the winner was a chihuahua puppy, so I think the fix was on!  I mean, come ON, all puppies are small.  That wasn’t fair.  Mom and dad were really proud of Rana, who was edged out in the “Most Talented” event by a border collie.  Rana did all his tricks cued only by hand signals.  Dad forgot to have him do a high five a the end of his routine, and I think that (or a hug) might’ve pushed him over the top.  Oh well, he was really a crowd favorite.  And I bet that border collie was eating performance-enhancing dog treats, anyway…

After our walk, a handful of us (7 dogs and 6 people) drove over to Mi Amigo’s at Gilbert and Southern.  Lulu and Keegan’s mom told us they had a dog-friendly patio, and she was right.  It was windy and a bit warm, but our people got to have a late dinner while we all relaxed and Rose exercised her inner guard dog by keeping us all safe from the pedestrians on the sidewalk outside.  I think she thought it was cool that a little puppy could get all the older dogs to back her up when she started barking.  The staff at Mi Amigo’s was great, and they even filled up Falcor’s big bowl with ice water for us pooches.

Boy, we slept well that night.  Hopefully, the event was a success for downtown Mesa and they will repeat it for us some time.

 So, what have all you dogs been doing this summer?