Stupid Pet Tricks

A recent post on the Veterinary Information Network (VIN, the world’s first and largest online community for vets) “Humor in Veterinary Medicine” message boards led me to this fun site, produced by Merial, a manufacturer of veterinary pharmaceuticals.  I was thrilled to see that our little friend on the site doesn’t know “bow,” which is one of Rana’s best and most-requested tricks, but make sure you tell him to “dance” and “jump.”

VIN is a great resource that Dr. Burns and I use on a daily basis. Their databases contain a wealth of information, and when we get a really weird case or need to learn about a new drug, it’s often the first place we go for information because it’s much more up-to-the-minute than many textbooks (which often take years to write and publish formally). The community also has a number of forums (VIN calls them message boards) where vets can share experiences, advice, stories, and other information. I’m particularly fond of the anesthesia/pain management and dentistry boards, but read many of the others as well. The humor boards provide a fantastic lift during a tough day, too. I’m amazed at what great senses of humor my colleagues have, but I’m always careful to ensure my mouth is not full of a drink when I’m reading their stories.  Computers don’t do well when they’re covered with beverages that have been spewed through your nose!