Dog Training Myths Guaranteed to Help Make Your Dog More Fearful

Comet Good Sit

We all start dog training with the best of intentions. Nobody wants to make their dog fearful in the process. However, many dog owners, trainers, and even veterinarians still subscribe to common myths about dog training that can contribute to fearful behaviors. Here are three of those myths, the reality behind them, and some suggestions […]

How do I stop my dog from eating poop?

Q: My dog has the grossest habit: he eats poop. How can I make him stop? A: According to a veterinary study, picking up dog droppings immediately was the only effective way to control this habit. A couple weeks ago I wrote about the traits common to dogs that engage in coprophagia (the medical term […]

Portrait of a Poop Eater: notes from the 2012 AVSAB Behavior Symposium

I spent the better part of today at the American Veterinary Society of Animal Behavior’s annual symposium listening to the best and brightest in our profession talk about–you guessed it–animal behavior. One lecture–about dogs that eat poop–really stood out as something I should share with all of you. We get lots of questions about this […]

Is snake training right for MY dog?

Q: It’s spring in the desert and rattlesnakes are getting active. Does my dog need snake training? A:  Snake avoidance training, also known as snake training and snake breaking, can be a helpful tool for dogs that spend unsupervised time in Arizona’s deserts and woodlands. Canine Outdoor Enthusiasts–dogs that participate in off-leash activities like hunting, […]

This dog is healthy, wealthy, and abused.

This dog is healthy, wealthy, and abused. – By Jon Katz – Slate Magazine I was turned on to this article by a short blurb in Trends, a publication of the American Animal Hospital Association, during my travels to a recent veterinary conference in Florida.  Although it was written in 2004, the article–describing the life […]